Digital signage is everywhere and for good reason.  People are visual centered creatures.  We learn fastest by seeing, hearing and following what we’re shown.

In this article I’m going to cover the basics of what digital signage solutions consist of so that you have a better understanding.

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What is Digital Signage?


Digital signage is visual content that’s presented on Digital screens using digital signage software, in order to inform, direct or entertain people while they are on the move, waiting somewhere, looking for directions or quickly need information without having to ask anyone.


Typically you will find digital signage at:


  • Malls – Directions, Cinemas, General info
  • Banks – Exchange Rates, General Bank Info
  • Airports – Flight Arrivals, Departures, Cancellations or Delays
  • Restaurants or Coffee Shops – Menu Boards
  • Retail Stores – Sales, Discounts, Tips, General Retail News
  • Manufacturing & Production Facilities – Safety or Production Information
  • Reception Areas in Businesses – Global/National and Business News
  • And many other places


The reason for having the content showing in a loop can be varied.  Typically the information presented has to do with what the business offers.  People want to know cost, specials and new products and services which they may not have heard of.

Presenting the information in a loop, increases the likelihood that all people in the vicinity of the displays will get to see and understand the content.


Why Use Digital Signage?


I’ve spoken to many business owners and the reason why they use digital signage is to save time. 

Often people are asking the same questions over and over again.  Someone has to answer these questions. 

If a business owner wants to save time and money, they should invest in the creation of content that can answer all of their customer questions and answer these fully before they are asked.

Once the content is created, it should be uploaded to your content management system and streamed over and over in a loop on digital menu boards or screens. It should be available in a knowledgebase on your website. 

You should write articles on your Company Blog and share this information in email newsletters, on your mobile app, on your social media channels and everywhere else you have an audience.

The best use of Digital Signage is Answering Questions.  Use it to Educate Customers about your business and teach them how to use your products/services.  Never forget to share success stories and let people know when you have deals or sales.


What do Digital Signage Systems consist of?


Digital signage solutions consist of a few basic components, namely:


Digital signage solutions consist of:


A display screen:


  • Large LED/LCD screen(s)
  • Tablets
  • TV Sets
  • Computer Screens
  • Mobile Devices
  • Projection


The displays show the content, which can be in the form of:


  • Interactive digital signage
  • Simple digital signage displays
  • Based digital signage (on the premise that it only highlights certain content)
  • Digital Signage Content


In the digital signage industry we look at your digital signage needs and them recommend:


  • Android media players
  • Raspberry Pi media players
  • *Free Software
  • Touch screen / touch screens
  • Digital displays
  • Video wall
  • Large format screens


*The free software allows users (you) to manage digital signs from any location. 


Is Your Signage Digital?


If not, why not.  They’re an excellent for delighting and entertaining customers through interactive touch, lightning fast service, and you can entertain and educate your customers while they wait for service, or while they’re busy shopping in your store.

The best idea is to network a few displays in your store, or in your outdoor seating areas.  Use them as a medium for advertising all of your merchandise, upcoming sales, hot deals or any event you have going on.  The options for using digital signage are endless.

Digital Signage is a great way to educate customers

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