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Whether you’re looking for ideas, suggestions or tips, we’ll help.  First we’re going to show you various products, then we’ll show you how they are used in different industries, then we’ll teach you how to set it up for your own business.

There are many solutions available for Digital Signage and there are many security solutions too.

We’ll suggest the ones we prefer and explain why as we go along.  Let us know if you have any requests, or specific projects you need help on.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Multiple Vendors

Multiple Vendors to choose from in most cases. It helps ensure you can always get the items you need without fear of things being out of stock

24/7 Communication

We've got open communication via chat apps and email. We provide a service to you and want to be there when you need us


In south Africa, we use couriers. For international Vendors, see their shipping terms on their sites before placing your orders

Digital Screens

We have access to multiple vendors and can find the brand, size and type of screen you need, no matter the industry

Signage Software

Managing multiple screens across multiple locations has never been so easy. Let's show you how to set it up

Raspberry Pi's

They seem to be in short supply globally, but we've got a supplier that keeps us ticking over. So get orders in early to avoid disappointment

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Anti-Pharma – Vax, Mask & Lockdowns

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Anti-Globalism – WEF, WHO, CDBC & Smart Cities


Pro Life, Self Reliance, Community, Shared Family Values, Christianity, One with Nature, Natural Living, Raw Food, Herbal Remedies


I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with Alistair. He was able to take my rebrand, set up my various social media channels and start increasing my reach and SEO. He did all this during COVID with very little direction from me. I highly recommend his work!

NB: Jennifer had just moved over to Wix at the time..

Jennifer Frost
Good Life Home Watch
Alistair was a pleasure to work with. He created beautiful branded designs for Social Media and Pinterest. His eye for colors and design is very professional. He listened well and quickly made revisions as needed. He also did an excellent job of increasing social media engagement through consistent posting and engagement. I highly recommend working with Alistair.
Emily Greer
Entrepreneur: Young Living